We believe we have the power to create, teach, and inspire through our local food community.

The Manifesto is a list of truths and missions compiled by Chef Mark Estee and other local chefs for the Reno/Tahoe food and beverage industry.

Quality Ingredients
We will purchase quality ingredients from reputable origins and sources that are socially and regionally responsible. We will do our best to avoid processed and “cheap” products.

We will develop menus that introduce seasonal ingredients and focus on the integrity of local food and beverages.

Local Programs
We will use existing programs (i.e. Nevada Grown, D.R.O.P.P.) to educate guests and staff. We will promote the Reno/Tahoe region at all times.

Positive Synergy
We will speak in a positive manner about others, about our guests, our fellow employees and peers for the goal of working cohesively and cooperatively.

We will teach, not preach, about the things we do and what we have learned. We will share our information with others. Knowledge is key and nothing spears goodwill like serving and helping each other. We are building a food and beverage culture here.

We will cultivate a sense of community and pride in all of our establishments, from greasy spoon diners to fine dining establishments. We need to know who we are and be proud of it.

We will work to develop cutting edge and new approaches to food, beverage and service that will put Reno/Tahoe on the map. We will look to our history and food culture to help interpret the advancement of these ideas.

Farmers & Ranchers
We will work with local farmers and ranchers to use what they grow and produce. We will turn the typical model upside down. No longer, “I need this!” But rather, “What do you have?”

Healthy Alternatives
We will do our best to be health conscious. We will have the ability to change and adapt to dietary concerns and restrictions, portion sizes and allergies.

We all want to promote our own version of hospitality. We want our guests and employees to feel welcome. We want the Reno/Tahoe hospitality experience to be unforgettable from start to finish.

Good Life
We shall celebrate our contribution of good food, good people and goodness of life in our community through our foods.